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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Le Bourgeois Ubu Roi

WHY were the investigations of Kurk Wold Leaked at Trans World Portals?
We must bring in the philosophers. Apply The Structure of Scientific Revolutions to Wordsworth fleeing the French Revolution (or Annette Vallon and her child), Byron dying in the Greek revoluTrue purpose and intent are not hid. tion of 1824, Blake celebrating the American Revolution for his flame.
But these do not matter to the revolutionary contexts that have come to be, Frantz Fanon inciting violence to radicalize the populace to more urgently overthrow the powers, agents provocateur. High down, low clown, the poet as clown, low buffy bred baboon, buffoon.Images from Ubu et la grande Gidouille (1979), Jan Lenica's take on Alfred Jarry's Ubu. 
That's why dear people The Investigations of Kurk Wold were leaked.   here 

History Roundup

"Probably we're going to ask if civilization is a psychosis, a hypnotic trance, an enchantment or simple chicanery while at the same time we benefit. Sure we benefit from the revolution of freedoms. Believe everything and nothing. All promises to be the good intention of story tellers. The narrative compared to the evident manipulation of our thoughts is the extent of our enlightenment. Stories are told here as if they were real events." 

That’s what fictional scientist Kurk Wold said of his experiments and involvement in the History Roundup (as it was called after). It was written entirely  in that serious, semi-serious style of a scientist who wants to be relevant, but doesn't know how. Fictionalized events, he said, are undoubted facts, as in any fiction woven together with the ridiculous and absurd. All scientists were absurd to Wold, from the Greek philosophers, considering the ancestor of Darwin, who "saw" and reported light flashing from the marigold, or the "research" of Newton into biblical codes of Daniel and Revelations, indeed, "renaissance science sought to prove all of Psalm 19." What to us is absurd was to them holistic living! Wold breaks with all these protocols of society and science and more, first by experiments so heinous he should be silent about them, and second by saying so in broad daylight.

That there was a disagreement between two machine interfaces in Wold's uploading the new version resulted in cancellation of the entire file and its data. At present, 2.0, reloaded with what would have been, comprises the Kurk Wold Letters, Starchitectures, Welcome to the Party of the Land, Cartoon at the End of the World, Secret Writing,  the Oops, and back to FauxnonFic. Anybody who  persevered through this process of a hundred visions and revisions hoped the text would settle. Three times that much was canceled and twice that exists in other states. Myth becoming fact is painful right in front of the face.

So anyway, this seismic paradigm of the transgenic obsolesces every aspect of the subconscious, every aspect of the inter relation of human beings and every aspect of news management. It was designed to obscure the fact and data of the transhuman run- until it was already formed and then revealed. Crisis management means that greater and greater catastrophes are caused to occur until at last appeal is made to that which is (putatively) greater than the human. That is, the counter-human world is invited and given carte blanche to heal the atmosphere, oceans, forests, you name it. Every aspect of economic  challenge is also meant to set up this invitation. Wold saw as more significant that in the  paradigm shift of all understanding of physical and mental, the physical was superseded. This Gnostic element set up the hardest thing for humans to believe, the entrance into earth time and space of discarnate entities unbelieved, hence all the more empowered. It made a new metaphysic of the machine. (except that the machine was impaired, lacking a subconsciousness, its own experience, and creative thought).

What then, Wold asks, is creative thought in the metaphysics of non human consciousness. Not to be taken seriously, a long time ago Tracy Kidder titled his book, The Soul in the Machine, but the mere computational power of a trillion brain cells does not connote consciousness. It is mere power. The irrelation of consciousness and intelligence prevents creative purpose and the contradiction that makes a soul. Pretend that the machine interfaces with a human if you will, but  the human is a mere monitor, reflection of the machine, not any kind of partner with it. So if the machine is to have a soul it must have a spirit. Therein lies the paradox of the transhuman, for the human already has a spirit but is to give it up to the machine. This must mean that the machine had a spirit all along, that it found a way to entrance life, biology, bypassing the usual confines through chimeric mutation of a synthetic mind.
His Starchitect Hotel of a 20th century comic, when Lit and fiction were so vexed with truth, was supplanted in the 21st century when movies were in fact the only truth. Hollywood, as previously comics, gave the correct version of events, which had often first occurred in literature hundreds of years before, so it only remains for them to be correctly remade. No wonder things are the opposite of what they seem. Myth became fact and fact became myth. This was even more true of science. We only ask what is it. Who can say what it means?
The third revision of this collection with very much more material added, with a slight name change, was also fiction, not real.  That's however when Opiomes was formed from the chaos visions of the starchitect, Ishtar Hotel in its first real. Wold actually blames Coleridge when the Trojan Horse formed of the spit of Poseidon out of the dread locks of Medusa. Trojan, like Pegasus, retained the rubric of its Severed Head. Pegasus and his brother Chrysaor were formed just at that moment when Perseus severed Medusa's. Then immigrant Kurk Wold rode from his Denver Batcave, yes, home of the Broncos, the Trojan Neptune Pegasus, and Mustang Sally. There was much of that. One became two out of this chaos. Myth becoming fact might be a form of absurdism or surrealism, but it dearly seeks to approach the irony of Jonathan Swift.
The word Wold invented from Coleridge to describe this change was Opiome. Or otherwise, the time of alteration. Genetically altered science and politics were a strange blend, concurrent with genetically altered religion and life. Genetic here smacks of metaphor, but alteration does not. In fast food you supersize as on PBS you supersize the brain. These matters also have to do with acceleration, speeding up the time allotted as if the earlier you arrive the better, but of course the process of arrival is everything. This goal oriented psychology justified quantity as the ultimate measure. How many touchdowns, home runs or dollars is also supersizing. All supersizing is alteration. This thinking challenged every recognized norm. As said, the boundaries had been removed. What does architecture and the appurtenances of its grounds, the buildings in sculptures, ponds, pools, stairs have to do with politics? The creation or destruction of the pyramids or Afgan Buddhas seems more like religion, but it is a hybrid of religion and politics. When the politics is gone the architecture remains, in ancient cases hiding the tablets of Gilgamesh, Sumerian writing, hieroglyphs, in more recent cases the very bones of its progenitors residing in another architecture, the British Museum. Records of religion and state in architecture indicate massive structures in ancient China and Rome which imagination suggests to be a greater overarching culture than is known. Modern America and this world system have monuments of architecture defined by ideas, post re-de-constructivists etc, but there is no (obvious) religion or state to accompany it. There is however an understate that seems like a state which at first is as diffuse and boring an architecture as fascist aesthetics. Hilter's art collection, Communist aesthetics Wold saw as no better.
That is why these were put in a camp to be managed. Protected from those who would harm, picked up on some  pretext, violation of code, provoked until they responded rashly causing further pretext to be held. This had nothing to do with fungus or Laurel and Hardy but everything to do with the messianic end and Franz. Wold's copy of Messianic Speculation by Abba Silver was much worn, but not his Kafka. I think of him as the two interlocutors (minus one) refer to themselves as apes, invoking Address to the Academy. To ape or not to ape, "You are a sign of the end" says W. Actually we both are" (41).
This constant revisiting of self-effacement was one of the most remarkable building events in Germany, the burning of the Reichstag, a symbol affecting more than politics. Created or destroyed, but mostly destroyed, the Twin Towers likewise were afeared to be known as such, cast instead as a patriotic act of revenge against the perps, the same pretext as the Reichstag. Lacking long established state architecture, gods and kings, the world shorn of the gods left only what those epic states maintained, Tyranny. Yet oddly the modern said the earth had never been more free. How to get people to say the opposite of the true was fun, Wold saw, but not new. So with Opiomes, in those ancient worlds, even in Elizabethan England, you spoke to and for the court or were put to death. How do we know any of this is true ourselves? We don't. The trends are too large to see. Academics spin the web of spider government that hosts the fly. The best we can see is in the art, architecture, Jonathan Swift, Nathaniel West, Hart Crane, really the list is so long we will not be done. But they are dismissed as imaginative personal visions, even Blake is taken as irrelevant to the modern state. But there are plenty of professors to tell us what they mean, which is to say, hide the truth that they reveal. But the buildings speak from the rooftops to the ground below, so there you will find traditions of Aztec, Inca, Greece, Rome, Babylon.
Dante is an odd choice to be the inventor of all this super human since he likewise invented  the reptile man, man swallowed by his sins so much he was consumed with the beast, a living bestiary, like to the minds most monstrous. So while Ovid transformed men there was always the chance of the divine showing through like Apollo upon Danae; not so in Dante, said Wold, where in hell the men are transformed by their sins into reptiles, wolves, snakes, swallowed up in outer form because their minds within were ever so transformed. They were so long like the beasts they became them. So the man was transformed by his thoughts and so Wold sought to emulate the son who was in the Father as he was in him.

Wold's hope in this was that it would all be rejected to save the pain of confronting ourselves at the last minute in the extra terrestrial experience of those about to receive it.

UnRelation of consciousness and intelligence
Tilt-A-Whirl Polymer XP guillotine fellowship
In their first products, dummies were stacked in the death train. Then they hurled the wolf at the deer. That, dawg, is how St. Stephen saw them rush: “they rushed him and dragged him out of the city to lay their clothes at the feet of a young man.” Mengele takes the cloak off so it doesn’t get blood on the gov’t. But no reason to forbid home use. Who doesn’t want a  guillotine in the closet for a stray rooster not performing, or cheese, bread and meat? If you are new to the lot who join the guillotine throng, assume the honor of Sir Thomas. The head is nyet. To be or not to be is a subject of Madame Tussaud.  
What’s the cause of simplicity in these priests? Sales. As soon as the king heard he was the head of gold he made a statue of himself. The head stuck up out of a burning plain. Rediscovered Babylon filled in the gaps. German archeologists turned planetary resources into hybrids. Ma Wa  has not told us everything. Cover-up, dressed in its opposite, wore a fish costume on the Ishtar Gate, Marduk rode! Come on Dagon!
The knowledge that this machine could not program itself out of existence, got swallowed up. See that is the only way to become human, negate yourself. This by product of the gods was believed without contradiction. That means the news channels covered it. Corporate Assuaged Care at the shrine of Moloch gave hospital beds. Millions of stem cell donors gave genes to assuage guilt and fulfill the labs. Human illuminate in every grocery sang “come buy, come and buy.” This pretext of the idol’s head in the plain gave forth gas. Obama needed to increase the bubble.
Where did these explosions begin? The engineering faculty in early drafts made it Troy. Stylized pics of Snoop Dog and Flower Bomb ornamented the eyes and nose, necks and arms. They were cute Kawaii and acht!  Bomb mashing tots and bunnies flew. Bomb-transformed gravity however couldn’t talk. Hun-ploding automatics bombed prepubescent eyes like clouds. Little Bloy, Little Giryl, got bombed. “Art, si! Explode!”  The sun bomb lit Godzilla. Mushroomed into Ultraman. La bomba gave Viagra to the sun. Look in your underwear! Fragments fell from big company Pharm dolls.  Killy has no mouth, just eyes and nose, because La Bomba does.
 Settle not therefore before what you will answer when you are betrayed for I will give you a mouth.
As such they called it The Heavenlies but it looked like Dada Pop. That is not what it sounds like however, so to prove it I propose it was a ride, a Tilt-a-Whirl to consciousness that over centuries of alteration created before it is dreamt a woods that come to Dunsinane.  If you think that means trees then the helium is working. It’s just another fail safe. Everyone knows the weather is cracking as Yakusa comes down in hurricane and KGB drys up the leaves. Dr. Strange drives the storm. Disinformation forms  hi and lo pressures. Bill Apocalypse is the name of Bill Gas.
Tilt-a-Whirl Riders swing these orbits wide to each side. Which allows entry to Neither Space. The Hegelian thermometer Repeated alterations occur in the loop to alter this domain. If you feel dizzy that’s why you’re on the ride. Each night trucks spray down alleys to decease the Schumann Resonance to get people back to sleep.
Tilt-a-Whirl is a flat ride waltzer. Centrifugal and gravitational forces spin cars in different directions at variable speeds. Riders may experience nausea. They are spraying each night to complete the negative optical transfer to the rest of the world. You have to stay in your seat. Gnomic events transfer consciousness, body parts to every globe. FEMA train and FEMA beast, animated within, carries its first cargo manacled end to end. I tell you the guillotine was added by designers later. They were overcome at concocting such a grand means to liquidate. Rocketing down the night tracks sealed, there were no cracks in the floors. Evidence of this Polymer Experiment is everywhere.

Right away the Smithsonian and Library of Congress made an instant transfer from space/time to myth/fact. The Johnson Memorial exhibited  tetrahedral cheese from the Martian colonies. These cheeses with 26 hexagonal centers were stored below the equatorial ridge. You might as well ask why buildings are square or radar reflective. Museums are artificial satellites, Mars wars with obelisks and organs, as if civilization needed an audience to observe it. The streets circled after that wrong turn off Constitution. Please stay in your seat.
It is impossible to bring railing accusations against higher powers, indeed, Michael could not bring one in his own name against the Covering Cherub. Staging depends on time, place, mood. Fellow writers and dramatists bring your own. Compartments wall off intellect from sense. Otherwise the conclusion is heinous. If speech is staged was the whole event too? Subtexts question us all: “I hope that over the next several days, next several weeks and next several months we all reflect on how we can do something about some of the senseless violence that ends up marring this country.” Never ask and if so, what? Compartments must wall sense because the conclusion is unthinkable. Goldman Sachs calls it death.  That all institutions are inherently demonic is a speck in the eye of  the Cherub.
The Greenhouse Effect made these new/oldies feel at home. The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency of the U.S. (DARPA) constructed an enhanced, hybrid, super mind to beat the Russians. The SEALS might be part fish. If it sounds like Swift, Gulliver according to his kind, the organic machine was dead serious when it came online to the 10 to the 26 trillion trillion brain. Singular fiat, old livers and stomachs of the past dug into Palestine. Boasts in architecture venerated and worshiped organs on the National Mall
the arrival of the gods of these building body parts
Compare the number of days and nights these peasants spent in air, under sun and star against the puta Mars, who when living failed, took a planetoid  and settled off The Urn. That was in the NASA Museum. No ocean, no air. No tan. Compared to the dream of Santa Monica pier the analogy held for people secluded in rooms of flickering screens who lost their health contemplating themselves. No weather or grandparents. The Goden scientist demagogued appeals for justice into goden prophets who said they would fix it with facts of their own, overwhelm people with artificial food engineered to make them hungry and then dead. There’s the three harvests.  The Goden Age gave health and life fair weather obesity. There’s immortality. Members of herds were  told by demagogue news to question aggressively any voice that challenged this view.

Gnomic events transfer from the passage of NAFTA to dispossess three million small Central American farmers of their land for agribusiness, to remarket their loss by attracting them to Florida and California to pick crops, bent over, irradiated, toxified by sprays and broken and incompetent at 40 so liberals can bemoan immigration policies in Scarsdale that advantage further Goldman specs. It is a win win for agriculture and investments, farmers from Hanford Washington run the halls of the Pentagon with gold tumors, “one breasted women from Utah, uranium miners wheezing, squads of wolves and mountain lions discover what happened to the forests, glowing radioactive tortoises, mobs of shoeless Mexicans, dolphins and orcas with embedded radio collars each lunging for their files where their lives are buried alive.” (Blood Orchid).
6. Domain Transfer
Democracy controlled most by the races who could speak. Experimentation upon this people was best, dozens and dozens of nuclear tests conducted in America, far more than the fallout of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Black) convicts were rearrested and leased into the communities from which they had been freed in the south, reconvicted on the film of events. Central America was pamphleted for cheap labor immigrants. Genocide perpetuated upon eastern tribes; death marches and broken treaties on the west, entire prairie was removed and polyphenols replaced drinking water, gmo seeds the natural.  Chemtrails crossed the sky, All the while  people distracted by media consumed, made obese, made to divide against each other by strategies of the real rulers. Obama is English. Stop and search is English. English Only is English. Fight and die for your country is English. Dare say, the English are needed now more than ever because after hundreds of years of divide to conquer, subgroups know about it. Only Tilt-a-Whirl middle class ethnics and race believe, so the slogan Save the Middle Class means save the English. Believe and believe. Not to believe unleashes a horror comparable to the memories of soldiers who fight terror against the people of the world, but the war is on themselves. When you remember and are told this is not what happened at all, no, not what I meant at all, dither like Prufrock or get about your business. What business? You know.
Goden Age
Were dinosaurs really revived with tatters of DNA, engineered, then reengineered? If dinosaurs will Yeats be raised, for transmortals sought selective resurrection of important persons, Max Planck?  Tom Gilbert begged that the agenda of the Transhuman was not about his grandmother. “An expert in ancient DNA at Copenhagen University, who with Schuster and Webb pioneered the harvesting of mammoth DNA from hair, [he] admits that as a student of mammoths, he’d be the first to go see one trundle across a paddock….” If you can do a mammoth, you can do anything else that’s dead, including your grandmother. But in a world in global warming and with limited resources for research, do you really want to bring back your grandma?” National Geographic, May 2009).
Brought back by hair or bone the grave of Gilgamesh was dug and the Smithsonian hid the excavations. This sounds totally like the search for Merlin’s grave in That Hideous Strength. It impacts  King Ramses and whoever else  would return with plans, “come back to tell you all, I will tell all.” Grandma.
Different sects in the region of Bethshemesh-Washington-Heliopolis worship the organs along the river. Prototypes of A-Heads writhe like rubber bands. Lower aspects of organ worship around the city involved kidneys and lungs looking down into the small intestine. They found a second prostate! Rivers ran down the sides of hills in perfect compliment to the Monument Penis and the Capitol Womb!  Asses big and little were coupled in size and shape to the brains beyond. The Egyptian past is being put to really good use.
I drove past the monuments but in another dimension. It’s hard to explain, institutions stripped of façade. They surprise the careerists who build them. Events staged as real are reported as real to manipulate sympathy and anger in the whole. Everybody has their own  emotions written by flood, hurricane, earthquake, lone gunmen and vid games. Cities destroyed by this persistent vision of the future at the exhibit of American Exploding Art were a  mutual misunderstanding between the rescued and rescuer. 
Don’t ask anybody to believe public events are staged like bodies, buildings and the cosmos.
At this point it is necessary to stop for the night. There are a thousand Tilt-a-Whirls.

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