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Monday, November 22, 2010

Badger Burrow

Beings attracted to rock piles  collect them in memory, smoother than basketballs, river rock with berms of silt, gold traces. Sometimes badger browses below rosemary in the hill, but dreams to build up trail with cliff sheep, faint but real. Not hawk, dog, cat - badger builds entrances, exits at Texas Canyon, Enchanted Rock, Old Sarum, caer Cromlech. Berm burrows fort all  kinds of sleep. Badger day labors the night burrow. Mouse, Rat, day, night, sleep confine the other. Dream a burrow, no matter bairn, occupant meditation runs deep. Still Waters! Not that hawks brood tree lines to prevent cat sleep. Sleep is a trail below trees in the rock veined cairns. Yale prof Robert Shiller says Animal Spirits are a forecasting tool, that irrationality leads to wealth. Yellow Rattler, rich in irreason, what are your irreasons? Animal spirits know 1) the reality of hunger 2) laying low.  Love the sun, love night! Sleep! So Bunyan says "poor silly Mole, that thou should'st love to be, / Where thou, nor Sun, nor Moon, nor Stars can see." Pobrecito. Bunyan's tortoises are dug when raptors come down on wires and trees. He takes a white wicker chair out under the garden oak where women bathe in the afternoon red bud and almond blooms. Smoother than basketballs, berm beings collect in memory. Badger drowses below the hill: "I want to be a groundhog or rat, maybe a wolverine, badger or fox, feel the earth house like walls of flesh. In comfort to meditate, store nuts, build a house with exists, sharpen faculties, feel  bairn, build berms out of dirt and stone,  love a wheel barrow. Porcupines are naive as they can be.

This all has to do with the meaning of sleep. The badger works hard all day. Sleep is not confined to one or the other. Dreams come together in the work.

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