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Thursday, October 13, 2011


* Pray it not strange birds fall from the sky
and crabs wash up on the shore
if people poisoned with bisphenol-A
pop a molecule.
Water bottles, weight gain.
Xenoestrogens,  fat,
provoke an addiction in everything called food.

Civilization needed a cure,
a dysentery purge
to remove Bubble Civ
 while life still exists.
More than black carp,
oil disappeared*  from the Gulf
was the  mystery of "no good cause,"
believe that and move. 

Unprepared for the topmost brief
 money that builds better beef,
disrespect elders, do away with belief,  
deep forces began to roar. 
 Not space aliens science thought would save,
or government that wants a better life for kids,
 money was resisted with changed lives and prayer.

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