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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Language is prima facie in all human affairs.  We do not say language has been seduced, or that woman has been expropriated, but were we not speaking we would hardly know we were thinking.  From the child to civilization, woman is  as primary as language, for everything we are and have of life is of and from the woman who has come under extreme assault. Greek myth and the corruption of the human genome by hybrid creation is an instance of this. Agamben below begins to tell how language is overturned against itself. Even though specialists might skew language into one pen or another and even though language is the only subject any of us are talking about (that is a pun, but barely), its uses in all things from Genesis, Socrates, Dada overwhelm. That language and woman are turned against themselves proves their first position in human life. From the moment the male is differentiated from the female zygote after conception, to childbirth and the nurture of life beyond, to the grave, the assailant knew that to defeat human life it was necessary to subvert woman and overturn the word. How these assaults occur, what they are, what measures of defense, is the subject to these statutes.

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