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Friday, September 28, 2012

More Bags Fall 2012

10. Flight

1. Bag Tied with String

9. Night Dress
2. Open Bag
6. Shopping Bag Eleusis

 This series started with the gift of a greenish white Australian my son gave me last October. I began to model the pumpkin, #1 above, which became a Bag Tied With String. I continued to haul this pumpkin to the studio a half dozen times, but the bag opened in 2., skewed in 3., started becoming a purse in 4., completely fell apart in 5., got mythed up in 6., (7. is omitted), became a species of night gown in 8. and 9., started flying around in 10. as a quail and 11. a turkey, which and took a dive in 12.

 3. More Bag For Sale. carpet bag, valise with pockets, some wear, part of a side missing, but you can see inside. Ash has sifted over the lip, a skin of paper clay and porcelain, homemade impasto impaled with desiccated prickly pear, agave and skeleton bone with cobalt, iron, chrome and tin oxide.
4. Tool Bag. With handles and at first nichrome wire, but took the wire out. The shell pap plus porcelain  plus mix worked cholla, pp pear, palm. Sifted chrome oxide, over it titanium ox, tin ox, more chrome, plus black iron, cobalt, rutile. A little thicker skin than 1.
5. Colossi. Was to have been a tall work bag with handles at the top but became Colossi, four legs, handles of the old bag implicit heads. Prickly pear skin prints fired out in bisque. Rutile, titanium, chrome, cobalt, no irons. Porcelain again rolled over paper, handles glazed clear, some white satin, the whole gently sprayed with Phx shino to maybe cause blistering like the original prickly pear skin.
  6. Shopping Bag.  Paper rolled with porcelain rolled with Dave's kneaded with blue and green mason stains plus composite light/dark clays mix impastoed with chrome oxide, titanium, cobalt and some burnt umber. Dessicated prickly pear spines applied for texture and with cholla skeleton. Death valley red added to strengthen lip at end before formation.  Glaze with blue green mat + lily pad + drift of clear inside, blue green mat + green poison patina + clear outside.
7. Well Bucket. Sprayed White shino heavy, light, also with bulb syringe, then syringe turquoise oribe over such, ash on shino.
8. Night Gown. Moldy Porcelain paper, top and bottom edges strengthened with paper, usual impastos. Wax over turquoise oribe, top lip, bottom, angel spit and TO over paper porcelain, spray clear, white satin, Shaner inside.
9. Bag with little bow on handle. Death Valley edges, handle, paper porcelain, Gault mix with hint of mason stain. Wax death valley, shaner inbetween, Angel spit over prickly pear fibers, lily pad, clear over rest, hoping to get red hints in borders.
10. Gault paper w/ porcelain waves, covered with paper porcelain w/ green mason stains, Rod's Bod top and bottom borders. Stains rolled into wings pressed w/prickly pear skeleton. Had handles, taken off, bottom of porcelain. Carbon Trap Rod's Bod, Angel spit, clear
11. The Gates of Heaven, after Rodin's of the opposite, angels in declension, figure arms waving, all in pastel mason stains, over coleman porcelain, over gault paper. Wrapped around form, eyelets for handles added, the whole full body hugged, too big for hands, collapsed, more handles added.

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