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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eruptions in Phoenix

 Eons from now we're going to find these pots and think civilization was here, like in Greece and Rome. Can you imagine what they'll conclude when they dig up the Ceramics Research Center?

A series of pots excavated from ancient Roman digs, probably from Pompeii, either that or they were broken and put back together by shard hunters: an appealing view is that they had just been thrown before the holocaust, but saved by that atmospheric bisque in the moment of  eruption, 800 degrees in some places, low fire, which accounts for the stress. They have been delayed in arrival from customs boondoggles. Please understand all these statements as if they are still waiting to be fired @ cone 10, and are made to look as if they had undergone those stresses. I suppose the striations and cracks from stretching the clay also occur from the suddenness of heat without kindling, though they must have been sitting there to dry some time after being taken off the wheel. 
Afterward the heavy ash would have sifted from the cracks leaving them as you see. Further  post Pompeii studies are likely to record sources. In one we can just see traces of an outline of Italy in the remains.

Egypt. Another series of these fiery disasters occurred at Fall of the Egyptian Zodiac, part natural, part political which could be linked to politics, lining up modern Cairo with Naples, which presents constellations in the promise of a horn blown against the serpent [tyrant] Ouroboros, fulfilled in the upraised arms of the Warrior Deliverer, but the top blew off. Put to biscuit kindle an hour, the controls were left on high from the previous fire. The floor manager did not return for an hour. Turning on the fan to clear the smell (and smoke), which  made more thermal shock, in another hour there was a  crack. Zodiac exploded all over the kiln. That was the end of democracy. You may say of the elders of Egypt, even if their faces get singed, that if the top is exploded the bottom may go. That of course leaves us worse off than when we started. That the walls are still standing is something that the vessel will not hold. The complete story is here at Foresight and Fall of the Egyptian Zodiac.

These politics would need a greater series of earthquakes with great splits and cracks in faces and cliffs of pots,  but the daring needs to be great because the whole construct is at risk, especially from inch thick impasto slices of porcelain speed dried over other base laminated clays which accelerate the cracks. 

Syria These matters affect Syria among the Arab states. Did not CIA boast in recent bulletins that it overthrew the Iran democracy in 1953 to put in the Shah? Obama wants what exactly Bush, Johnson, et. al. did. Wait for the news.

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