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Monday, May 11, 2015

Bus Stop, Flower from Rock, Volcano I and II @ AZ Clay WHAM and Shemer

Flower from Rock
Two openings this week; I have Bus Stop, AZ Clay at WHAM galleries and Flower from Rock, Force of Nature at Shemer. Pat has two carbonized fire pots, balls fired molten, I and II, at WHAM, the volcano spewing its ash down the side of the mount, some lava dried in black massy streaks, other still alive, steaming.  Different characters in various states of relaxation lounge in Bus Stop. Whatever it would look like as a canvas, the slouching and curves are magnified in the round. One pic doesn't get it. What I see for the most part is that art rules each medium with its own well founded rules not set out to be broken, but to push the clay to where it would break, as here one section of the lamination arches out from the form, bowed in the firing, so daylight appears between its cracks, holes, caverns and splits, even before the firing, the piece stretched to its limit attracted this process, which is the same with words, if less obvious, as above, where streams was the word intended, but steams got written and kept. I also exhibited four pieces at the Herberger - Crumpled, Dented and Crushed, that ended 15 March. Click to big.

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