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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fall of the Egyptian Zodiac

Foresight and Zodiac

As the constellations of this zodiac  progress, the promise of the horn  blown against the serpent Ouroboros is fulfilled in the upraised arms of the Warrior Deliverer. What this promise is we know when the top of the vessel is removed, a romantic adventure preceded by suffering and death, like matriculation at a university of epic size where you don’t know anyone and the registrar tells you you have 39 hours of class and people are shouting in Egyptian about the politics of the past. Denial even in death.

Horn blown against serpent
This zodiac no longer exists. That is not say it is outdated or prehistoric, which it at first looks. It no longer exists because it blew up, top and bottom, and the sides were left pitted and smoked. It was put to biscuit with another piece, the figure Foresight, which however survived, probably because it had neither top nor bottom. The irony of this happening during the heavily touted  Egyptian revolution suggests a moral decline of democracy.Initially the photos of Zodiac were posted with this statement:

Upraised arms

"This zodiac presents constellations in the promise of a horn blown against the serpent [tyrannt] Ouroboros , fulfilled in the upraised arms of the Warrior Deliverer. Now Remove the top!

Dialogue: Nman:   You'se can't kill space and time!
Warrior:   Oh yeah? Prove it!"

The top blew off.  The overthrow of false authority sets itself up as a right. Later,  it got removed. Put to biscuit kindle an hour, inadvertently l the controls were left on high from the previous fire. The manager did not return for an hour. Turning on the fan to clear the smell (and smoke), which probably made more thermal shock, in another hour there was a  crack. Zodiac exploded all over the kiln. That was the end of democracy.

Making Democracy
 on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 12:48pm

It also exploded the bottom, but the walls stood. The metaphor appeals. Sides standing, top and bottom gone, the moisture trapped by the lid  blew out both ends. The other piece in there, Foresight, was open in its center and withstood the blast, but its porcelain face smoked terribly and pitted from the shrapnel. Is that an allegory to see things coming?  Another lesson, blow off the top and the bottom goes with it, but the walIs, history stands? Is carbon bisc the same as making democracy? It has interesting discolorations, here and there a fine powdery dust over all its surface. 

Shall we say that Foresight before the explosion was inexperienced? Foresight needs to get out of the way? Sometimes the situation is too hot to handle. Self doubt is the last thing it needs. When all the crowds are going another way it is easy to doubt. Prophets who come to mind seem sure enough, but we do not see inside. For the ordinary, go back to how to protect a family. For this, foresight is required, but there is a requirement to act on foresight, that is what the life of a father is about, acting on foresight, which you may say of the elders of Egypt, even if their faces get singed. If the top is exploded the bottom may go. That of course leaves us worse off than when we started. That the walls are still standing is something but the vessel will not hold anything. And who knows how long they stand? Do not turn up the fire too high. Paradoxically, the constellations on these walls yet exist. If the constellations are space and time, and the worm eating itself  a figure of continuity, the tyranny of life, death and creation continue. Do you count the loss of top and bottom to this universe further creation?

End note: After, Foresight was rebisqued properly. All the imperfections of the explosion fell away. No pits, no marks, pristine porcelain surface! There is a fire that purifies like Ophir, "when he has tried me I shall come forth as fine gold." 

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