Intuitively developed art that follows its own internal logic free of other rules.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


The eye tries to understand what it sees when folds and curves make shadow. It constantly plays over it to create familiarity. It is as if he eye recasts the image, which seems to be moving, to understand it. This establishes the statement, it depends on your point of view. Such composition has a range of meaning and association, from more simple but improbable Flowers from Rock to curvilinear figures not quite named, like a woman a flower or abstract deconstructions of a vessel. The eye tries to make these look like something it recognizes. " body does the math and physics, so I try not to think. I just wait for the picture of the finished piece to flash across my mind as I work...the final form comes from the process." Lesley-Ann Hoets. Ceramics Feb 2015.

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